Ladie's Gifts

Heritage 35831 Glass Mirror Box
6"L x 4.5"D x 2"H

Heritage 39008 Melon Shaped
Jewellery Holder

Heritage 33212 Vanity
Mirror 9" x 14"

Heritage 35855 Gold Glitz
Ribbon Frame 5" x 7"

Heritage 35856 Glitz
Ribbon Box 5.5"L

Heritage 72874 Sparkle
Jewellery Box

Heritage 72900 Sparkle Vanity
Mirror Tray

Heritage  35866 Glitzy Rose
Jewellery Box

Heritage 35864 Glitzy Rose
6" x 4" Frame

Heritage 51862 Leopard Shoe
Eye Glass Holder

Heritage 86612 Oval Box Beaded
Beaded Border 4.5"Lx 3"W x 1.6"H

Heritage 13791 Oval Key Fob
with Hand Bag Holder

Heritage 81413  6 0z
Pink Wrap Stainless Hip Flask

Heritage 51864 Black Stiletto
Eye Glass Holder

Heritage 11709 Write N Roll
Luggage Tag - Silver Grey

Heritage 80106 Heart Shaped Jewellery
Box w/ Floating Crystals

Heritage 10411 Beating Heart
Compact Mirror

Heritage 35846 Pink Butterfly
Jewellery Chest w/Mirror

Heritage 83797 Square Handbag
Holder Art Deco
Heritage 13793 Glove
Clip with Chain
Heritage 51874 Lips
Eyeglass Holder
Heritage 80054 Ring Holder